According to the Waste Management Law hazardous waste must be separated from other types of waste, must be stored in such a way that it does not endanger the environment, human life and health, and must be delivered to specially equipped hazardous waste collection sites or transferred to companies which collect and recycle hazardous waste and have received a permit to carry out their activity.

Our company specializes in this field and has received relevant permits.

We offer legal entities to enter into a contract for free waste utilization or to transfer electrical and electronic equipment to us for remuneration, prices can be found in our price catalog.

We offer:

  • Collecting old electrical equipment free of charge with our own transport
  • Preparation of necessary documentation

Utilization act serves as a confirmation to the managing authorities that environment was not polluted and electrical equipment was transferred to licensed company to ensure proper utilization process.

Bill of lading and utilization act for legal entities